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ABS Plastic Lockers Manufacturer Co., Ltd


ABS Plastic Lockers Manufacturer Co., Ltd. is a professional plastic locker manufacturer in China, producing Knocked-down (KD) Plastic Lockers, Wooden Grain Lockers, Laundry Lockers, Double-Tier Plastic Lockers to Locker Lock, Plastic Bench and Locker Accessories, etc. Our team is working closely with you to tailor a solution to your needs. We specialize in providing high-quality ABS plastic storage lockers for school, office, supermarket, hotel, beach, gym, stadium, hospital, entertainment places and other suitable occasions. Although that is not Top lockers' innovation to apply the ABS plastic in lockers, Top lockers'idea for DIY lockers is absolutely a revolution in traditional locker business. It is human's nature that people are always novelty-seeking. That is very difficult for people to keep enthusiasm for a long time in one thing including lockers we used in our life. Now DIY lockers from Top lockers help you to change the same lockers in different form in daily life. You can adjust the shelves, change the doors' colour by your taste; install every parts without any screw. Our products will mmake your experience more funny.

Company ABS Plastic Lockers Manufacturer Co., Ltd
Address NO.31 HouShanTou Road, ShenQing Industrial Area, XiaMen, China
ZIP Code + City 361023 Xiamen
Country China
Phone number 86-592-6369978
Email toplockers@jeawin.com
Website www.toplockers.com
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