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Kason Corporation


Kason is a leading international producer of circular vibratory screeners, centrifugal sifters, static sieves and circular fluid processors for classifying, scalping, de-dusting, de-lumping, dewatering, drying, cooling or moisturizing of bulk foods. The company was founded in 1967 with a commitment to engineering machinery according to specific requirements. Early innovations that significantly increased screening capacity and efficiency included a “Kascade” screener with a 360? peripheral discharge, and an Auxiliary Discharge Classifier that combined conventional screening with peripheral discharge and an inclined conveying deck. Kason also developed the first self-screening bag dump station, and recently introduced various devices for opening screeners, allowing faster, easier and more thorough cleaning, screen changing and inspection. The company also introduced the world’s first Circular Vibratory Fluid Bed Dryer and Cooler—-a breakthrough design that dramatically reduces capital investment, operating costs and footprint—-and most recently a double-deck variant that yields even greater capacity and energy efficiency in less floor space. Custom and standard equipment is available to meet food, 3-A dairy, pharmaceutical and industrial requirements, and is manufactured to ISO 9001:2000 quality system standards.

Company Kason Corporation
Address 67-71 East Willow Street
ZIP Code + City 07041-14 Milburn, NJ
Phone number +1-973-467-8140
Fax number +1-973-258-9533
Email info@kason.com
Website www.kason.com/
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