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Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd.(PMSL)


Philadelphia Mixing Solutions is one of the world's most experienced equipment and process optimization experts for chemical processing, wastewater biological treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, tank storage, special application mixing, flue-gas desulphurization (FGD), water treatment and other fluid mixing applications. Its full range of gearboxes, drives, shafts, aerators, and specially designed impellers are globally proven to measurably reduce energy and maintenance costs while improving operational efficiency. In addition, its custom-built, state-of-the-art test lab facility simulates full-scale operations and offers quick-turnaround testing and modeling of alternative mixing designs.

Philadelphia Mixing Solutions is owned by Wind River Holdings, a privately held, Pennsylvania-based private investment operation.

Company Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd.(PMSL)
Division Main Branch
Address 1221 East Main Street
ZIP Code + City 17078-95 Palmyra
Country United States
Phone number +1-717-832-2800
Fax number +1-717-832-1740
Email kgrube@philamixers.com
Website www.philamixers.com
LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/company/...
Twitter twitter.com/#!/PhillyMixers
Contact Email Phone number Department Position
Ms./Mrs. Grube, Karen Lee kgrube@philamixer... 717-832-8804 Environmental and Business Development Vice President