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Imbrium Systems Receives NJCAT Verification Letter for Jellyfish Filter >>

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


TORONTO (CA) – Imbrium™ System announced today that it received the NJCAT (New Jersey Center for Advanced Technology) Technology Verification Report which validates the manufacturer’s Field Test claims for their Jellyfish® Filter.

‘Without a doubt, the Jellyfish Filter is the most advanced, innovative membrane filtration technology for stormwater treatment in North America. NJCAT peer reviewers combed through our Jellyfish Filter Field Test report and verified all our technology and performance claims. The NJCAT Verification is one of the most rigorous examinations for stormwater treatment technologies in North America, and the Jellyfish Filter passed with flying colors. The Jellyfish Filter is a game changer that will revolutionize stormwater treatment,’ stated Scott Perry, Managing Director at Imbrium Systems.

The Jellyfish Filter is a compact stormwater filter technology that treats over five times the flow capacity with minimal head and just one-third the footprint and one-fifth the weight of conventional stormwater filtration BMPs. ‘Its signature membrane filtration tentacles trap over 85% of the total suspended solids (TSS) and effortlessly capture neutrally-buoyant particles, floatables, oils and saturated hydrocarbon-based particles’, added Perry.

‘Our rigorous TARP (Technical Acceptance Reciprocity Partnership) field testing demonstrated that the Jellyfish Filter removes more than 85% TSS (Total Suspended Solids), 60% Total Phosphorus (TP), 50% Total Nitrogen (TN) and sediment particles as small as 2 microns. We listened to the environmental engineering and regulatory communities and designed the Jellyfish Filter as a compact, high treatment flow-rate membrane filter system that captures a significant pollutant load, with low cost maintenance requirements. The Jellyfish Filter is simply the highest performing, best value stormwater treatment filter on the market in North America’, stated Joel Garbon, Jellyfish Filter Product Manager for Imbrium Systems.

The typical Jellyfish Filter requires only 18-inches of ‘head’ or drop to fully operate the system. Imbrium Systems’ field test performance indicates this innovative membrane filter captures fine sediment particles down to 2 microns at an industry-leading 80-gpm (gallons per minute) treatment flow rate per standard cartridge. In addition, Imbrium Systems’ field test indicates the Jellyfish Filter continues to operate at peak performance for many years because of a patent pending built-in passive backwash.

‘The Jellyfish Filter’s lightweight cartridges weigh only 20 lbs. dry and 50 lbs. wet, and are back-washable, rinse able, reusable and replaceable. Thus, the system is very easy to maintain and cost effective. Conventional granular media cartridges in stormwater filter systems can weigh over 250 to 400 lbs. when wet, requiring heavy lifting equipment, while requiring significant time and labor during maintenance periods’ added Joel Garbon, Jellyfish Filter Product Manager. ‘The Jellyfish Filter’s passive backwash system extends the cartridge life and providing a low life-cycle cost technology ’ a tangible long-term benefit for the development community and other end-users in impaired watersheds throughout North America’, noted Garbon.

Jellyfish Filter systems have been successfully installed across North America, including Alberta, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Ontario, Oregon, Washington and Virginia.

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