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REMBE® is First to Implement the Market’s Latest Norm

Tuesday, 03 January 2012


BRILON (DE) – As the very first company on the market, REMBE® proudly presents their EC-Type Examination Certificate according to EN standard 16009 for their Q-Rohr®-3, the protection system for flameless venting!

This norm first came into effect in October 2011, specifying all standardized manufacturing requirements in reference to construction, inspection, markings, documentation and packaging, and applies to all stand-alone protection systems of flameless venting.

As the inventor of flameless explosion venting, the REMBE® engineers foresightedly designed the original Q-Rohr® in a manner that fulfills all EN standard 16009 requirements in different testing scenarios.

‘EN standard 16009 provides the customer with yet another seal of quality. The ECType Examination Certificate according to EN standards 16009 should be the most important criterion when selecting a product for flameless explosion venting. This norm as well as the increased requirements placed upon the EC Type-Examination is separating the wheat from the chaff on today’s market.’ says Roland Bunse, Head of the Explosion Protection Department at REMBE® and member of the technical committee who established the EN 16009.

The Q-Rohr®-3 is particularly implemented for indoor flameless venting of potential dust explosive processes. When mounting the Q-Rohr®-3, cost-intensive venting duct installation is not necessary. Another benefit is that the Q-Rohr®-3 can be mounted in the proximity of people and machines as well as the simple, visual inspection that waives periodic maintenance costs.