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New Constant Pressure Valve Maintenance Tutorial >>

Monday, 26 June 2017


CHARLOTTE (US) - Correct and timely maintenance is an essential part of keeping a plant running smoothly and preserving process integrity. 

The new CPV maintenance video gives an easy to follow, step by step visual guide to assist technicians in efficiently carrying out correct valve disassembly, replacement of O-rings and bushings, and reassembly. 

The CPV is a diaphragm valve that keeps process pressures constant. It is typically used in the food and beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical and personal care industries in applications including separation, pasteurization, UHT and filling. It has bi-directional flow capability and uses a double layer membrane which offers long life and durability. It provides stable, accurate and responsive modulating pressure control in a hygienically designed configuration with excellent cleanability.  

Maintenance of the CPV constant pressure valve is straightforward. The clear instructions provided in the video will help technicians ensure steps are carried out correctly and efficiently. Alongside walking the viewer through every point of the procedure, the video tutorial also covers the tools required, safety points and warnings of where particular care needs to be taken to ensure the valve is not damaged during maintenance.   

This latest online maintenance video is one of a continuing series that is designed to help customers correctly maintain equipment to maximize operating life and ensure hygienic and operational integrity is preserved. The videos are part of the many services and materials SPX FLOW offers its customers to help ensure they get the most from their investments.