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INCAS³ Solutions BV

Sensors Register Their Movement and Position While Travelling Through Pipeline

Wednesday, 20 May 2015


ENSCHEDE (NL) - In the first quarter of 2015 INCAS³ Solutions tested the operation of the Xploring WiseMotes™ in a 60 meter long pipe loop of the SRC Pipe Flow Technology Centre™ in Saskatchewan (Canada). 

This final experiment brings an end to a two‐year research project between the Petroleum Technology Research Centre (PTRC) in Saskatchewan, knowledge institute INCAS³ and INCAS³ Solutions BV. Since 2011, the INCAS³ Foundation has been actively working on the development of micro sensor systems and micro camera’s that can be injected in heavy‐oil reservoirs to study the structure of wormholes – open channels in heavy oil reservoirs.

During the past year the INCAS³ Foundation has invested strongly in the development of the Xploring WiseMotes™: autonomous micro sensor systems measuring only 39 mm in diameter and equipped with an inertial measurement unit to measure acceleration, rotation and magnetic fields. These mechanically and chemically robust Xploring WiseMotes™ are specifically designed to be injected into environments that are difficult to access.

In the beginning of this year, the Xploring WiseMotes™ were tested for the first time in a realistic test environment of the SRC Pipe Flow Technology Center™ in Saskatchewan (Canada). During a series of experiments INCAS³ Solutions studied the feasibility of using the sensor data to keep track of the location and orientation of the Xploring WiseMotes™ while they travel through the 60 meter long pipe loop.

The experiments demonstrated that the data registered by the sensors contains sufficient information to distinguish different patterns of dynamical behavior of the Xploring WiseMotes™. Further, data analysis showed that it is feasible to localize the Xploring WiseMotes™ during their travel in the pipe loop based on a combination of the measured parameters.

INCAS³ Solutions BV, the Dutch subsidiary of the INCAS³ Foundation, provides innovative Sensing & Monitoring services and solutions. With the completion of these experiments new potential applications open up for in‐situ measurements of industrial and/or logistic processes. Xploring WiseMotes™ may be utilized for the tracking of (mixtures/lumps of) material while travelling through pipelines or to determine local flow speeds. Since the dynamic behavior of the Xploring WiseMotes™ is clearly reflected in the sensor data, INCAS³ Solutions also sees opportunities to use the Xploring WiseMotes™ for the optimization of industrial mixing processes.