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Major Names Speaking at Tank Storage Germany

Friday, 14 November 2014


HAMBURG (DE) - The inaugural Tank Storage Germany event, taking place on 19 & 20 November at Schuppen 52, Hamburg, boasts a strong conference programme. 

The hotly anticipated two day, paid for conference will see over 20 experts from companies such as Vopak, Simon Storage, Tanquid, Emerson and Oiltanking share best practices, review forecasts, discuss how to make the most of opportunities and overcome industry challenges.

Few industries are developing as quickly as the energy sector. Janhein van den Eijnden, Managing Director at Vopak Germany will examine what impact this rapid change is having on the tank storage industry, how it should be responding and how Germany, specifically, can benefit as a result. New technology has a key role to play in a changing environment so continuing this theme will be Thomas Knutzen, Head of IT at TanQuid who will talk about innovation within the tank storage industry.

A changing market means companies need to be flexible. At the same time safe and efficient terminal operations are critical if an organisations image and bottom line are to be protected. Cor Vermeijs, Director Terminal Automation Europe at Emerson Process Management will consider this as he outlines how difficult it is to automate tank farms and in particular to find the right partner.

For those requiring a bulk liquid storage overview, Sven Thiessen, Managing Director at Oiltanking Germany, will discuss the current market conditions and explore what the refinery closures mean for the industry - are they a threat or an opportunity? Similarly, expanding on this theme, Chris Judge, VP, Crude and Products at Argus Media, will talk about the impacts of refinery closures and what that means for global refining.

When it comes to improving operations simulation is invaluable; it allows experiments to be performed that would otherwise be too expensive or dangerous to simulate in real life. But how close to reality are simulation techniques? Dr Christine Grötzbach, Business Development at Hansaconsult, will discuss this and consider how they help, for instance by identifying design defects and deficiencies and flagging up dangerous operating conditions that may cause pressure surges.

A major challenge for tank terminal companies is how to expand and still maintain or improve safety and environmental performance. Feiko Jager, Tank Storage Specialist at Riverlake Solutions is looking at the growth of the tank terminal sector, examining how to increase safety and improve quality, whilst also reducing its ecological footprint.

As always, safety plays a vital role within the sector. With this in mind, David Wendel, Strategic Account Manager at Total Safety, will look at dangerous operating conditions and explain how to ensure a safe tank maintenance programme. This will include an overview of the numerous safety challenges that can occur during tank maintenance and the latest technologies on the market designed to ensure safe working conditions for maintenance staff.

Following the safety theme will be Florian Dahm, Global Business Manager, Segments Oil & Gas and Chemical Industries at Dräger. He is discussing how to ensure terminals comply with the recommendations of the PSLG report. His talk will examine the causes of the infamous Buncefield fire and what principles have been implemented in order to prevent a similar disaster from occurring again. Dahm will delve into the implications of the PSLG report on plant safety and explain how to design a safety system that is compliant with the PSLG recommendations and how the system would look in practice.

Viewing the industry from a different perspective will be Bettina Enderle, Lawyer at Enderle Environmental Law. Ranked second in the Environmental Super League 2009 in Germany, Bettina will consider the environmental liabilities within the storage sector. Drawing on her considerable advisory and litigation experience, Enderle will in particular look at the German Compulsory Storage Obligations, provide personal insights on potential precautions and defence strategies against approaching neigbours and explore the regulatory future.

Tank Storage Germany 2014 is officially supported by The Port of Hamburg and features not only a conference but also a packed exhibition hall, with over 85 + suppliers from across the globe using the show to launch products into the German market. The free-to-attend exhibition will feature latest developments in tank design, construction, maintenance, metering and measuring.

Tank Storage Germany takes place on 19 & 20 November at Schuppen 52, Hamburg. To find out more, visit www.tankstoragegermany.com or contact Kyla Arneson, Marketing Project Manager on +44 (0)20 8843 8804 or kyla@stocexpo.com.