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Revolutionary Magnetic Belt Encoder to Match Any Shaft Diameter

Thursday, 19 December 2013


UKKEL (BE) - By new magnetic belt encoder HDmag flex Baumer presents a completely new approach in precise angle measurement and speed feedback at large shafts.

HDmag flex is predestined for any, virtually unlimited shaft diameter. Any encoder variant is immediately available, even single units without entailing initial cost.

The concept is a revolution, patent pending: The magnetic belt with high-precision encoding is customized in the factory to match the required shaft diameter. For transport, it is wound up tightly in the packaging. Mounting is just that simple: The magnetic belt is buckled on the drive or generator shaft like a belt and secured by snap lock. The shaft remains fully in place, saving cost for detaching and later mechanical re-adjustment. Flexible sensing units at the sensing head are aligned in the factory to match the required shaft diameter and ensure optimum sensor arrangement. Intelligent signal processing in real time provides the selected signal resolution at all times, independent of shaft diameter and tolerance.

The HDmag flex portfolio comprises incremental and quasi-absolute product variants. The shallow axial mounting depth consumes mimimum space. The wide 3mm air gap and up to ±5 mm axial backlash permitted between sensing head and magnetic belt ease component alignment and ensure absolutely reliable measured results in operation. The bearingless design and non-contact sensing ensure the HDmag flex service life free from wear for many years.

The fully encapsulated electronics in the sensing head is unaffected by dust, dirt, shocks and vibration. In its standard incremental configuration, the encoder is capable of maximum 131.072 pulses per turn. The quasi-absolute variant provides a maximum position resolution of 20 bits and additional digital speed signals with a maximum resolution of 18 bits.

The main encoder functionalities come under continuous function monitoring and the multi-color LED indicator visualizes the encoder activity status. The multi-color LED is also a primary assistance during setup by indicating any excessively large radial distance between sensor and magnetic belt.