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Mettler-Toledo AG

Mettler-Toledo Video Helps Improve Precision of In-Process Filling of Vials >>

Monday, 30 September 2013


GREIFENSEE (CH) - Typically, high-precision load cells work at their highest accuracy only in a very specific capacity range.

A new video from METTLER TOLEDO shows how a weigh module allows for gravimetrical in-process completeness control or filling of a large variety of vial-, syringe- or tube-capacities on the same machine.

The videos explain how businesses can improve efficiency and quality by incorporating WMS weigh modules from METTLER TOLEDO into their filling machines. The weigh module is often used for completeness verification in machines that fill both very large and very small vials.

The versatile WMS is easy to integrate. It can be configured for any environment and comes with easy-to-use software for fast startup. In addition, it is IP54 rated for protection against dust or other particles in the industrial environments in which it often operates. It can even be set into IP66 protection for in process cleaning with fluids. The video also shows how the WMS weigh modules offer 100 percent in-process control by weighing all filled vials, which often is required in the pharmaceutical industry today.

Watch the videos to see how the WMS weigh modules can help businesses achieve quality and efficiency targets at www.mt.com/ind-filling-of-pharmaceuticals.