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BlueLevel Technologies, Inc.

RF Admittance Level Probe for High Process Temperatures

Tuesday, 17 September 2013


STERLING (US) - “The Model AP/APX RF admittance point level sensor is now available in cost effective designs specifically for use where internal vessel temperatures can reach up to 842⁰F (450⁰C)”, says Joe Lewis, Managing Director of BlueLevel Technologies, Inc.

The Model AP/APX RF admittance point level sensor is available for use detecting the presence and absence of liquid, slurries and bulk solids in a wide variety of applications. We are pleased to introduce the new High Temp and Super High Temp versions of the Model AP/APX product line. All probe versions include integral electronics with a universal 20-255VAC/VDC power supply, DPDT relay output that is fail-safe on power failure, a remote function test input and the Model AP unit for ordinary locations includes a large lens for highly visible local LED indication of the normal/alarm status.

The Model AP/APX high temperature version includes stainless steel and PEEK probe construction for use in process temperatures up to 450⁰F (150⁰C). The super high temperature version is for use in applications where the process temperature can reach 842⁰F (450⁰C) on a continuous basis and utilizes stainless steel and ceramic probe materials of construction. Both high temperature probes use a stainless steel process connection, the High temp version a 1” NPT connection and the Super High temperature version is a 1¼” NPT threaded process connection. Both include the same NEMA Type 4X powder coated enclosure.