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Produsafe BV

New Inspection Platform with Antibacterial Nano-Coating for Tanks up to 12 Metres

Friday, 13 September 2013


GELDERMALSEN (NL) - ProduSafe and Altrex have developed a new inspection platform for tanks, silos and spray dryers with a diameter up to 12 metres.

The new inspection platform is coated entirely in ProduSafe-QX from ProduSafe, which makes microorganism contamination a thing of the past. The inspection platform has already been used at a number of international food producers, including Mead Johnson. Being able to quickly and safely perform the activities required in the silos represents great added value for these companies.

The modular suspended platform system from Altrex (MHB), which is in use worldwide, forms the basis for the unique inspection platform. An innovative system that allows people to work safely at extreme heights. The inspection platform can be installed in flexible lengths in silos and tanks with diameters up to 12 metres and at almost limitless heights. The inspection platform can even be used in silos and tanks that are conical at the bottom. The manhole through which the inspection platform must be transported must be at least 800 x 800 mm. The turntable, which allows the inspection platform to be rotated through 360 degrees, is mounted on a flexible frame, making it possible to use it in almost any situation.

The inspection platform guarantees safe working at height. The system meets European regulation EN 1808 and the Machinery Directive. TÜV, the world renowned Notified Body, has approved the system. Among other things, TÜV attended the tests of three “spray dryers”. These silos were located at an international producer of milk powder. The inspection platform is equipped with a unique hoisting system that has very few parts and requires very little maintenance. The hoisting system is easy to operate. It also allows ceilings to be accessed from the suspended platform. All of the emergency facilities are built in, and will operate even if there is a power failure or if the person in the basket becomes unwell. The inspection platform can be supplied including an isolating transformer to isolate the platform from the power supply. This is necessary when used in enclosed spaces.

Antibacterial nano-coating ProduSafe-QX

The Inspection platform is coated with the antibacterial nano-coating ProduSafe-QX by ProduSafe. Bacteria, viruses and fungi form a recurring daily problem. With ProduSafe-QX , fewer corrosive cleaning products are required, as organic contamination is minimised. The coating offers the ease and the knowledge that the products, rooms and/or processes that are treated always have low bacterial counts.

ProduSafe-QX is a water-based photocatalyst coating, suitable for various purposes and applications. The UV light that is present (including normal fluorescent lighting) activates the self-cleaning property of the coating resulting in, among other things, the mineralisation of the bacteria, viruses and fungi. This makes ProduSafe-QX an extremely suitable coating for objects that are used by many different people and production processes.

There are many advantages of using ProduSafe-XQ. The coating has a prolonged antibacterial effect of approximately 4 years, is invisible and can be applied to every surface. As the product forms a covalent bond with material, the material will wear and not the coating. The advantage of the coating in comparison to disinfection using alcohol, chlorine or other disinfectants is that no traces of the micro-organisms remain behind and these are mineralised. ProduSafe-QX works extremely effectively against fungi and saves having to use numerous cleaning products and disinfectant. Dirt is less likely to stick and it breaks down all organic contamination (VOCs, NOx and partially particulate matter (PM10, PM2.5)). In addition, the coating protects the surface against dust, air pollution and all occurring organic contamination. ProduSafe-QX purifies the air in the rooms, absorbs UV radiation and protects surfaces from UV damage. The ProduSafe-QX product has been extensively tested and there are various reports available, including one drawn up by the RIVM (The Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment).

ProduSafe will be present from the 16th to the 20th of September at Drinktec 2013 in Munich, stand B2.422. This trade fair is completely devoted to drink production technology.